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TB’s Super Bowl win saves WV sportsbooks from disaster

The welfare of West Virginia casinos and sportsbooks remains of much interest across the United States; this is due not to any belief that the Mountain State is set to become the new Las Vegas, but rather because of its early entry into legalized sportsbook betting at its land-based casinos as well as the online sports betting citizens have now enjoyed freely for two years.

Certainly few in the industry were very cheered by the state’s overall downward turn in February 2021: The handle in land-based sports betting in West Virginia for the month was down some $1.4 million to $38.2 million, a 3.5% year on year decrease. Against January, however, those numbers represent drops of $12.5 million and 24.6% month on month.

As for mobile sports betting, handle was down $5.81 million (or 17.7%) to $27.09 million m.o.m. and was down 1.3% y.o.y.

Betting on Buccaneers pays offRevenue may have been particularly low for West Virginia sports betting outlets at just $1.4 million, a whopping 66% decrease m.o.m. from January’s showing of $4.0 million, but sportsbook owners can count themselves among the horde praising Tom Brady.

With the Super Bowl the biggest draw of the year at most sportsbooks anywhere in North America, bookies can have quite the bad Super Sunday if things don’t go by the odds. For both Super Bowl LIV (Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers) and LV (Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers), the majority of Super Bowl betting was done on Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes’s Kansas City teams.

Last year, the 49ers’ shortfall translated into *losses* for the month of February of over $626,000. With Touchdown Tom and Dominating Devin White leading the Buccaneers to victory over the favored Chiefs, West Virginia sportsbooks benefitted from a swing of over $2 million.

If Kansas City somehow gets into their third consecutive Super Bowl in 2022, here’s to thinking West Virginia’s sportsbooks will be cheering on the other side…