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Yahoo, BetMGM partnership gets a boost with new Yahoo features

Yahoo Sports and BetMGM have enjoyed a relationship that has been developing for the past year. It began with Yahoo gently pushing sports gamblers to the sportsbook through its Yahoo Sports app as the operator’s “official Digital Media Sports Partner,” and has continued to gain strength since then. Yahoo Sports is now introducing new features that it hopes will keep BetMGM from turning its gaze elsewhere, while providing a more enjoyable gambling experience for users. The odds are good that the new enhancements will hit their mark, too. 

In a press release from yesterday, the two entities announced that Yahoo Sports users can now use their account to access a BetMGM account directly. Registering for and accessing a BetMGM account can be accomplished through Yahoo Sports and users are able to place their wagers with the BetMGM sportsbook in their Yahoo account, without having to download the sportsbook’s app. This allows users to get to the action quicker and from anywhere, even if they are temporarily unable to use their regular devices.

The Yahoo Sportsbook is also getting an update and now offers player prop odds to Yahoo Fantasy users. The odds will appear on the players tab, as well as the player card in the Yahoo Fantasy app and “other locations on the web.”  BetMGM is rolling out the unique player prop odds, which are built using fantasy point totals derived from Yahoo’s fantasy scoring system.

Says Yahoo Sports GM said Geoff Reiss, “At Yahoo Sports we are continuing to provide new ways for sports fans to go beyond engaging with content and interact in a seamless way with the sports that they love. The new features continue to enhance our fan’s experience and as we continue to reimagine the future of sports.”

The new enhancements come after Yahoo introduced its Watch Together product for the 2020-21 football season. Given the COVID-19 situation and the accompanying lockdowns, getting together to watch sports has become problematic for many. As a result, Watch Together looks to fill the void, allowing up to four friends and/or family members to simultaneously watch a game from the comfort of their owns while sharing the experience through a group video option that appears alongside the live game broadcast. 

The chief marketing officer for BetMGM, Matt Provost, adds, “Since announcing our partnership with Yahoo in 2019 we’ve worked closely together to produce great sports betting content and are excited to have new product features and a much easier integration with BetMGM for Yahoo’s Sportsbook and Fantasy users to enjoy.”

Currently, all of Yahoo Sports’ BetMGM gambling features are limited to certain states – Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey and West Virginia – because of licensing regulations. However, users in other states can check back ahead of next year’s NFL season and will most likely find a lot more coverage.

Source: calvinayre.com