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Oregon Lottery Looking to Set Mobile Gambling Sportsbook Limit to $250,000

The U.S. state of Oregon is considering plans to set the amount of money that can be deposited to its new online gambling app to $250,000.

The mobile and online app, called Scoreboard, allows users to bet on a wide range of professional sports. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone would bet such a large sum of money on a single bet, there is also no limit on the number of bets a player can make. Some critics feel the amount is too high and could lead to problems for some gamblers.

Speaking to local publication Willamette Week, treatment specialist Philip Yassenoff said: “It increases potentially the risk for those individuals if they’re able to bet tens of thousands of dollars at one time. The amount of damage that can be done to them financially or emotionally in a short period of time is concerning to me as a therapist.”

However, Oregon Lottery has defended its position, saying that players are able to see the amount they’ve wagered at all times and can set their own limits. Oregon Lottery spokesman Matt Shelby says the organization believes “informed players make more responsible choices” and that players deemed as high-risk will be notified as such and excluded from marketing messages. Ex-gambling addict Kitty Martz does not agree, stating that the high betting limit will create a “whole new demographic of addiction.”

The rising popularity of mobile gambling

Mobile casino sites in the U.S. are becoming increasingly popular, with three states – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware – now offering full online casinos. While online casinos are still illegal in the popular gambling state of Nevada, online poker sites are allowed, and players can access online sportsbooks in the states of New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Oregon, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Online gambling remains a highly contentious issue in many U.S. states but some see the potential profits as necessary to help fund public services like pensions. The Oregon Lottery expects to make $37 million in the first three years of operating the Scoreboard sportsbook app, with profits dedicated to providing matching funds for public employers that make pension contributions.

The planned launch of the application launch was recently delayed for a month following difficulties in coordinating the multitude of vendors involved. It is now expected to go live in the next week or so, although an exact date has not been given. “We set a goal internally of the beginning of the NFL season knowing full well that the testing and the product itself would drive the launch date,” said Shelby,speaking to the Oregonian.

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