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College football: Opening-week betting lines to consider

There is hardly anything in sports more exciting than opening week of the college football season. Luckily for all of us, it will be here before we know it. Here are 10 opening-week lines to consider as we get ever closer to kickoff.

Georgia Tech +35 at Clemson, Aug. 29

Clemson is by far the best team the ACC and Georgia Tech will be one of the two worst. The depth disparity is extreme, which pays off on big spreads and Clemson has plenty of offensive firepower to get the points necessary to cover this large spread.

Utah -5 at BYU, Aug. 29

Kyle Whittingham has dominated this series during his time at Utah and has covered the last three games at BYU. I expect that trend to continue, as Utah is the more talented team.

Wisconsin -11 at South Florida, Aug. 30

There were high hopes for Wisconsin last year after a promising 2017 season, and things just never clicked, so there may be value playing them to start 2019. Wisconsin should control the lines of scrimmage and have little trouble grinding South Florida down late in the game with running back Jonathon Taylor.

Colorado -11 vs. Colorado State at Mile High, Aug. 30

It’s a shame neither team is projected to be very good, but this intrastate rivalry is always a great kick start to the season.

Akron +16 at Illinois, Aug. 31

As long as they aren’t playing a high school team, I’m willing to take this many points against Illinois anytime I can.

Florida State -4.5 vs. Boise State at Jacksonville, Aug. 31

The Seminoles will still have trouble with their offensive line, but this team has far more talent than Boise and Willie Taggart will come out of the gates with everything he has.

Georgia -20 at Vanderbilt, Aug. 31

Georgia is absolutely loaded, but this line reflects historical perceptions of Georgia’s talent, not its Alabama-esque imminent dominance of the division.

Virginia -3 at Pittsburgh, Aug. 31

I expect Virginia to win the Coastal Division of the ACC. This is an important one to get if my prediction is to come true.

New Mexico State +31.5 at Washington State, Aug. 31

This is a lot of points to cover for a team with a new quarterback.

Notre Dame -20.5 at Louisville, Sept. 1

Louisville was the worst big-conference team in the country last year. New coach Scott Satterfield will presumably get players to try harder for him than they did for Bobby Petrino, but they are overmatched against the Irish.

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Source: extra.betamerica.com